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  • drspaceman drspaceman

    As a female who already used Always pads (Ultra Thin overnight), I was beyond excited to try the Infinity overnight maxi pads. Although both are similar, the Infinity overnight pads are much softer and thinner than the Ultra thin pads. The most important factor for me in choosing a pad is the wideness of the pad. Not only were these wide enough but they were long enough. I'm the kind of person who gets paranoid while on their period and has to triple check to see if any leakage occurred. Fortunately, these we're very absorbent and comfortable at the same time. Sorry, Ultra thin pads, but as Hilary Duff would say, you are "so yesterday."

  • kramash kramash

    I have always been a fan of Always feminine care products, but this particular maxi pad is just awful. It is too narrow on the top, the wings are poorly placed and do not line up properly with the leg openings of my underwear. Leaks are inevitable. The pad itself has a strange chemical odor and the material is very rubbery and uncomfortable against my delicate skin. I don't think it's very "breathable" either which means it traps moisture against my most intimate of areas. The product is poorly designed and incredibly overpriced. I will stick with the original Ultra-Thin Always Overnight pads - they are far better. I'm terribly disappointed with this product.

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  • kristyperal33 By  kristyperal33    

    this is a great product i would recommend this product to people


  • Suvannuh By  Suvannuh    

    Best brand ever! Comfortable and soft and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I refuse to wear any other kind of pad.


  • Thebarbiebelt By  Thebarbiebelt    

    These are really nice pads. They keep you very dry. I would for sure recommend them to friends and family! Always pads are the only brand I will use!


  • KJSweeney By  KJSweeney    

    I recently had a baby and let me tell you, these were a life saver! Things can get pretty intense the following weeks and all you want to do is enjoy your little new bundle of joy and instead you have to worry about leaking through your clothes and CONSTANTLY going to the restroom. With these, I NEVER had to worry! They were a lifesaver! TIP for new mom, get them a little wet and FREEZE THEM! They work wonders and feel great!


  • BluLadySuccess By  BluLadySuccess    

    For those who may have heavy periods, this is the product for you. If you cycle is light, this may be a bit too much coverage for what is necessary.


  • Merrissa7 By  Merrissa7    

    I don't normally use pads so I wasn't sure what to choose after having my son two years ago. Luckily, this brand of Always Pads was my very first choice & im so glad I got it right the first time! I'll be having my second child in six weeks and I definitely plan to buy these again with her. They absorb well and give me all the 'coverage' I need


  • Karo17 By  Karo17    

    I have always used the Always brand. These are very thin and absorbent. Can hardly tell you have one on.


  • jmegarcia143 By  jmegarcia143    

    I love the fact that it covers all areas so that my undies will stay clean. Easy to transport in my purse and price is decent. I've always used always and will continue living it


  • jennifer121 By  jennifer121    

    Always pads, I swear by them. Usually in the green packaging, SCENTED WITH Wings, I believe their Super size? Been wearing them for 15 years+.


  • sparkie752 By  sparkie752    

    I like the always brand and this pad fits along with their others. I think it is much more absorbent than I thought it would be. It's very comfortable and soft. The only complaint I have with it is that the front is a little narrow. Other than that, it is a very good product.