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  • drspaceman drspaceman

    As a female who already used Always pads (Ultra Thin overnight), I was beyond excited to try the Infinity overnight maxi pads. Although both are similar, the Infinity overnight pads are much softer and thinner than the Ultra thin pads. The most important factor for me in choosing a pad is the wideness of the pad. Not only were these wide enough but they were long enough. I'm the kind of person who gets paranoid while on their period and has to triple check to see if any leakage occurred. Fortunately, these we're very absorbent and comfortable at the same time. Sorry, Ultra thin pads, but as Hilary Duff would say, you are "so yesterday."

  • kramash kramash

    I have always been a fan of Always feminine care products, but this particular maxi pad is just awful. It is too narrow on the top, the wings are poorly placed and do not line up properly with the leg openings of my underwear. Leaks are inevitable. The pad itself has a strange chemical odor and the material is very rubbery and uncomfortable against my delicate skin. I don't think it's very "breathable" either which means it traps moisture against my most intimate of areas. The product is poorly designed and incredibly overpriced. I will stick with the original Ultra-Thin Always Overnight pads - they are far better. I'm terribly disappointed with this product.

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  • Verooonica55 By  Verooonica55    

    I'm a heavy bleeder so I have to use these at all time, but they are very comfortable. It isn't like they aren't there, but doesn't feel like a diaper like most overnight pads.


  • Apesmo83 By  Apesmo83    

    Best pad I've ever used. The only brand I buy since they first came out, seriously the best pad out there. It moves with you like they say it does. It absorbs away from you so it stays dry not like other pads where it sits on top. Greatest thing ever.


  • Ayyejax By  Ayyejax    

    I really like this item , I like how soft and comfortable it is to wear. Wearing them to bed only makes me feel more comfortable in knowing that I'm going to wake up to clean sheets and no single stain at all. I'd most definitely recommend these to women with heavy flow.


  • joejenni74 By  joejenni74    

    I really love how it helps out on heavy days also.


  • TaffetaKate By  TaffetaKate    

    I HATE using pads, but I won't wear tampons overnight. These are great because I don't have to be paranoid about leaks. I feel protected from all sides in these. They are a little pricey, but worth the extra, I think.


  • ffmathis112 By  ffmathis112    

    Always Infinity pads are the only pads I use now. I have tried other pads and none worked the way I liked.


  • janiea By  janiea    

    One of the best products ever! Thank you always!


  • happyjack01 By  happyjack01    

    I usually choose Always brand but I wasn't overly pleased with this overnight . I would probably buy again as it was comfortable but thought it a bit pricey.


  • uniqueone30 By  uniqueone30    

    This product is absolutely amazing. Always products are my first n only choice when it comes to the monthly visitor. Absolutely love in love. Always products are very comfortable and very easy to carry with you in those time of needing a pad. Thumbs up from this user.


  • misty48507 By  misty48507    

    I really love Always Infinity Overnight, keeps you fresh and clean