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  • CelesteNM By  CelesteNM    

    I had uverse for quite a few months and found the service to be wonderful. Unfortunately, the cost was a little much and I found a cheaper supplement that isn't nearly as nice in quality, but won't break the bank.


  • ScarlettNight By  ScarlettNight    

    LOVE IT!!! My husband and I left Comcast for AT&T U-Verse (Cable and Internet) and can never see ourselves going anywhere else. When it became available in our area we signed up and had some problems with service. However, that seems to have been resolved. I personally have not had any problems with the internet and it has been a very long time since the cable has had any issues.


  • glamourgirl78 By  glamourgirl78    

    we got uverse about 3 months ago, the first month everything was great but i've called them at least 10 times because of the internet service, the tv is great but i don't recomend getting internet service until they work out the bugs.


  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    We have had to call technical support 12 times in 6 months.


  • cocoabella By  cocoabella    

    We had AT&T Uverse installed May 09 and it has opened a whole new universe for TV viewing at our home. This is the best cable you can get. We bundled AT&T Uverse with DSL internet since we were already using the AT&T DSL internet service. AT& T is very reliable , both in TV & cable. With AT&T Uverse you can record TV programs from any TV in your house and you can pause live TV. It is awesome. I wish we had switched to Uverse years ago.


  • kelnkam By  kelnkam    

    I had ATT Uverse installed on May 2, 2009. I have been out of service at least 5 times. I have had constant static on the phone line since installation and my internet is running slower than my old DSL. I have called each time I was out of service and they schedule a Uverse tech man to come out. He says the problem is in the outside lines and they send an outside repairmen out. It gets fixed and a week later my serice is out again. The worse thing is when one service goes out they all go out. No one at ATT seems to be able to get the problem fixed nor do I think they care. None of my neighbors or family want to swtich because of the constant issues I have had. I don't recommend this product. I will be changing service providers in the very near future!


  • bnikki2124 By  bnikki2124    

    Well My husband and I live in an apartment so all we can get is charter until we move in November, however my husband install U-verse in peoples houses. If you love the product so much, fight for the workers so make it run. At&t is fighting with there union and has been since before April and still nothing is done, these guys and a few women have a hard job and the deserve what they are asking for. If you want qualified workers to come and install it or fix it if somthing does happen voice your opinion about it cause they could go on strike and you are stuck with replacements who have not gone through all the training the other guys have.. my hubsand had to go through 8 weeks before he was aloud in a house and the guys they have to back them up have only gone through about a week. So keep them in mind when you are thinking about how much you love it! Thank You!


  • stieflern By  stieflern    

    WOW! We had Uverse in our old apartment and when we moved we had to suffice with cable for a month before uverse could be installed. What a difference. Uverse is much more user friendly, the guide is more visually appealing and laid out more logically. I love the total home DVR and the flexibility ATT gives us. If you are having troubles with anyone else give them a try. Plus sign up online and you get a check for $250 back. We have gotten even more rebates for adding premium channels, upgrading to different packages for certain amounts of times etc. Def. an A+++


  • kristimaze By  kristimaze    

    Love it Love it Love it! I'm really sorry that it took the installation tech 14 hours to wire our 3-story row house, but I want everyone to know that 1) he was completely professional, 2) worked steadily and didn't try to either rush or waste time 3) was very patient in explaining everything, even after the intallation took many hours longer than planned. The service itself is FAR better than either cable or Dish Network, with none of the billing hassles! Get it if you can!!!


  • Litesugar By  Litesugar    

    Okay, I have had this service for three months now and can not imagine life without it. Never has it gone out like Charter always would, and I can watch anything that I taped on the dvr in any room. Fantastic!!